Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Home Schooling for Your Kids

Home schooling has received a lot of criticism over the years. The sad fact is that most of the criticism is not coming from experts or experienced educators but from ordinary people who did not study the matter. Because of these criticisms, many parents have been discouraged from getting this form of education for their children.

If you are a parent then you should not count out the possibility of providing this schooling for your children just because of what you hear from others. For all you know they are just parroting the words that they in turn have heard without really knowing what they are talking about. You should look into what home schooling can do for your children on your own.

To help you to become an informed parent, I have listed here some of the advantages of this. You might see a similar list and it would contain a lot more, but for simplicity's sake I have decided to cut it down to four advantages which basically cover everything. Here are some of those advantages:

Personal Convictions- Whether we admit it or not, our own convictions and beliefs would play an important role in the way that we raise our children. This would go into how they are educated as well. We want our beliefs to become part of the way that they are taught.

This is why people with strong religious or philosophical convictions opt for home schooling for their kids. That way, they can impart the strong convictions that they have to their kids and they can mold their education so that it can be centered on their beliefs. Critics of this would see this as a negative but others see it as something that's very positive.

The Right Kind of Socialization- Critics of home schooling would say that a child undergoing this form of education is being denied the advantages of being able to socialize with children of their own age. Because of that, they are unable to properly develop their skills when it comes to social interaction.

While it might be true that being able to play and talk with children of their own age is beneficial to them, it is not really that much of a necessity. It is also beneficial to expose them to people of other age groups. They could get role models from those older than themselves and they could play role models in turn to those younger than them. You can do this when you opt for this.

Academic Performance- Perhaps the biggest advantage of this schooling is that children who undergo it usually perform better than children who undergo traditional education. That has been proven by statistics that are available for study.

More Time with Family- When children undergo with this they spend more time with their family. That is something that's missing with the usual form of education, which strengthens the socialization of children with their peers at the price of their relationship with their family.

These are just some of the advantages that you can get from home schooling.

Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Five Advantages of Home Schooling For Your Kids

Home schooling is now a common option to most families. There are various reasons why parents prefer home schooling for their children. In home schooling, the parents or guardians are the teachers. They can adapt the best curriculum that will fit their children's needs.

Here are some of the advantages of home schooling:

1. The children get more attention. Since it is usually one on one, your child will have all the attention he needs in order to learn. If he has questions, you can easily respond to him. And you will easily find out if he understands fully well what you are teaching him.

2. Your schedule is more flexible. You can spend more time with your child and you can adjust the time you spend for each subject. If your child is having a hard time understanding Science, you can fine-tune your schedule and spend more time on it. You can take some time off on subjects that he is better at.

3. You get to personally instill values, religion and philosophy on your children. Home schooling reinforces foundation built by parents when the kids are younger. If the children's principles are continuously strengthened, it would be difficult for him to deviate away from it, more so if he is living it.

Children's development is greatly influenced by the environment he lives in. If he sees these convictions in action daily, then he will most likely incorporate it in his adult life later.

4. More time is spent with the family. Family activities will no longer depend on when the school ends or when the kids finish their projects. They can plan it out every time dad gets a break from work so they can have more time together at home. You can plan for an activity that will involve the rest of the family members.

5. You are sure that your children are treated well. One of the biggest challenges in traditional school setting is if your child is being bullied by other children. There are times when kids have difficulty fitting in. Through home schooling, you will be sure that he is safe. You can guide your child to develop his full potential without pressuring him to prove himself to others.

There are a lot of benefits that home schooling can offer. If you feel that this is the best option for your child, then look for the best curriculum that will address his needs, definitely you can give your child good education through home schooling.

Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

How to Prepare for Home Schooling Your Kids

Statistics indicate that the number of parents opting to home school their kids is on the rise. That is not surprising, since there are many reports indicating that children who underwent home schooling performs a lot better than those who go to school in a traditional way.

In the past, a majority of parents who home schooled their children did so because of religious or personal beliefs. What they believed in goes directly against the idea of sending their kids with others of their own age to interact freely or it could be that they don't want their kids to be confused with the teaching in schools.

Things have changed now and some parents just go for home schooling because they feel that it is the best move to bring out the best in their kids. If you believe in the same way and you want to try home schooling then it is important that you should know how to properly prepare for it.

Home schooling your kids means that you will be taking on the responsibility of being their teacher. There is no need to emphasize the importance of such a responsibility. It will basically determine if your child will actually be learning or not.

In order to help you out on starting to become a home schooling parent, here are some of the things that you need to do in order to prepare properly for the task:

1. First of all, you need to assess your own ability to teach your kids. Do you feel confident that you can handle that responsibility? If you have your doubts then you should seek the opinion of someone who is an expert on the matter, and when I say an expert, that doesn't mean your friends at work or your neighbor.

2. You need not have a doctorate on some subject in order to teach your kids at home, but it would really be helpful if you have a strong background in education yourself. That would allow you to handle your kid's home education in the right way.

3. Pick the curriculum that you would be following for your kid's education. Read the materials that will be used and make sure that you understand them.

4. Don't stop using the resources that you will be getting. It would help if you study further and use other materials that you can find in order to conduct your research. It is important that you know the subject that you are going to teach by heart.

5. Look for some training where you can get some knowledge on the proper teaching methods especially for children. You can also do it online. There are many resources where you can learn teaching in the proper way.

6. Be confident about yourself. Your kids will feel it when you start to doubt yourself when you are teaching them and that simply would never do. You have to gain their trust and that starts by believing in yourself that you can actually teach your kids.